March Flower Power
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I attended the Sister Snog Floral Friday Lavish Lunch at Kensington Place restaurant with other business women in London, yesterday.

I captured this picture of one of the members who is a picture of arrangement. The event asked us to wear floral attire and bring flowers. Natalie is Miss Ballooniverse and sculptures balloons to cleverly create floral arrangements and other shapes.


You can see others wearing the arrangements she has created out of balloons. These include corsage, brooches bangles and headbands. I particularly like the flowery prints on tunics and frocks that we all were wearing. Each outfit depicted some kind of floral arrangement.

Indeed the picture is a living arrangement of a flowery theme and prettily epitomizes our delightful business lunches.

Photo Challenge 2012, Weekly Photo Challenges, Work and careers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Saw these telephone boxes through the window of the seminar room I was lecturing in today.  I thought, better take a closer look at lunch time.

When I approached the boxes I began to appreciate how Westminster Council inserted benches through the gap the boxes were making. Now that more people have mobile phones London telephone boxes are a rare sight to see.  Seeing three in a row is even rarer.


A pedestrian also walked through my composition and might have spoiled the picture if the theme had not been about through. More importantly the benches help people sit out and have lunch through a lovely Saturday afternoon.

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West London Spring

No I don’t tell of the uprising from pleasant Fulham folk demanding their need for a free independent territory (understandable though that is ). This post presents pictures of the flowers coming to bloom as I walk around this week. All are indications that spring is on the way. Hooray!


Magnolia Tree at Maggie’s Breast Cancer Care Wing at Imperial College/ Charring Cross Hospital

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The Apprentice EP 1: Toy Stories and Tantrums

Apphelp Logo

The most dramatic of this first episode in the series was the boardroom stand-off. Billiana was articulate but it didn’t help her this time. Chaz and Dave’s lyrics sum up why I think the first person was fired in The Apprentice this week. To be honest I only managed to see bits of it on Wednesday. But after viewing the the playback version I see I was nearly right.

Indeed  Belyana could have ended up as another Jim character from season 7 (last year) if Lord Sugar had let her carry on through the show.

I found Allan Sugar’s question to her about singling people out as weaker prey was pertinent. But her response to  his query was even more interesting. I’m not sure she got the point of why Lord Sugar was asking her and not the person the audience believed was actually being singled out. Good job protecting the weaker despite what he says about not wanting any namby pamby types.

The woman in the Primrose Hill shop’s reaction to being cornered to buy the poultry printed materials was powerful, because she resorted to getting her husband to give the girl gang of Regents Park a thorough telling off, sending them away with a flea in their ear and something serious to consider about the bullying sales tactics.

Perhaps everyone encountering an apprentice on a trip for Lord Allan should respond by assertively saying.

“No I don’t want to do business under such pressure”

Such a great sentence and tool to use to stave off any chatterbox sales person. I’m certainly going to try that one.

Photo Challenge 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

These images were taken at a restaurant in London’s Trafalgar square. It was very unusual to see they held an exhibit of ancient Thai puppetry underneath their counter. 

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