Workplace Bullying The Endgame: Study Link

A study that looks at workplace bullying was introduced at a recent conference.


The abstract is available here on page 14

Just click on the link above to download.

The authors discuss ways of protecting employees from intimidating behavior of managers.


Workplace Bullying: The Endgame. by Susan Fletcher in Proceedings of the European Conference on Management, Leadership & Governance 2015 p113-119



Link to paper on EB and identity

Here is the link to our paper on entrepreneurial identities for students in my Udemy course on Healthy Entrepreneurship

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Wellbeing and Self Employment: Series

Due to recent popular demand for more of my insight I shall be regularly providing followers with video blog posts.

The emphasis  of the vlog series shall be on workplace well-being within micro businesses and for the self employed.

Here is the first one just posted on you tube today.


Shortly I shall post a vlog informing you of who the wonderful winners were of the Healthy Workplace Charter awards. The ceremony was held last night.






The Therapy Dog for Stress Relief

Love dogs? Here’s a link to a story about Cooper the Harvard Medical School’s therapy dog.

Click on the link to learn more. Therapy dog offers stress relief at work.

I love the way that scientists are looking at workplace well-being through getting closer to animals.

Respect: The Details

New research details the components of respect.

It is called:

Respect as an engine for new ideas: Linking respectful engagement, relational information processing and creativity among employees and teams

By: Abraham Carmeli, Jane Dutton , Ashley Hardin

The full reference is:

Carmeli, Abraham, Jane E. Dutton and Ashley E. Hardin. Respect as an Engine for New Ideas: Linking Respectful Engagement, Relational Information Processing and Creativity Among Employees and Teams, Human Relations, Jan 2015.

Here is the link:

The authors propose that relational engagement and relational information processing is linked to creativity. Abraham Carmeli, Jane Dutton and Ashley Hardin say respect is vital to foster mutuality. In addition they add that reflection in-conversation- is an enabler of creativity as this leads to additional ideas. In describing their research instrument for testing Respectful Engagement at Work the authors clearly describe how to do respect.  From reading their research study, respect in the workplace to me means:

  1. Always be available to hear out and listen to each other
  2. Pay the utmost attention to each other’s needs
  3. Express genuine interest in each other’s position and the units they are managing and responsible for
  4. Recognize and understand what goes into each other’s work
  5. Emphasize each other’s good sides
  6. Express appreciation and respect for each other’s contribution to the organization
  7. Appreciate how valuable other members’ time is
  8. Make requests, not demands from each other
  9. Speak to each other in a respectful rather than in a demanding way

Most of us are grateful for such detailed explanations. Others would probably argue that it is just plain good manners. But this song by Aretha Franklin also helps to spell out the details of respect a bit more too.

Physical Signs of Stress Part 2/2


This is part two of the poll for you to learn about the physical signs of stress and see how you compare with others. Part one looked at Skin, Heart, Muscles and Mental Health. We can thank the HSE site for providing details of the physical signs of stress at work.

This time in this poll we will look at metabolism, Digestive system and gut, the reproductive system and the immune system.


Digestive system and gut

I was surprised to this one from the HSE too but here is for you to compare in the poll.

Reproductive system

Immune system

Physical Signs of Stress Poll Part 1 of 2


This is the poll for you to learn and see how you compare on physical signs of workplace stress.



Learn about how I help businesses embed better well-being practices in my project page. You can also ask me a question by getting in contact.

London Healthy Workplace Charter Verifying


This week I’m performing my duties as a verifier for London Healthy Workplace Charter organised by Public Health England and Mayor of London’s office at City Hall. This is a really worthwhile event for any business owner, manager or workplace health champion to take part in developing good practice. Through this scheme organisations and institutes receive positive support and learning about how best to make their workplaces more healthy. There are three levels of attainment available which include:

  1. Showing commitment to healthy workplace
  2. Showing achievement in healthy workplace practices
  3. Showing excellence in healthy workplace

Within the London Healthy Workplace charter process we look holistically at each company/ organisation or institute especially at eight areas. This means that applicants to the charter award must show there is a supportive leadership, culture and communications around:

  1. Attendance Management
  2. Tobacco
  3. Problematic use of alcohol and other substances
  4. Mental health and well-being
  5. Physical activity
  6. Health and safety
  7. Corporate support for well-being
  8. Healthy eating

It is free to achieve and you might just need the funds for an external consultant to help you put your evidence together. But anyone that is interested in workplace well-being should try and gain the London Healthy Workplace Charter for their organisation.

If you have a question about getting help with the London Healthy Workplace Charter please get in contact.

Personal Collections: Women’s clothing use and identity – Journal of Gender Studies – Volume 9, Issue 3

This infinity scarf I made helps me tell the story that I’m using the study below as a base to look at positive psychology and corporate dress especially the function of a women’s favourite boardroom jackets.

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Taylor & Francis Online :: Personal Collections: Women’s clothing use and identity – Journal of Gender Studies – Volume 9, Issue 3.

How to Reduce Staff Absenteeism


Rewarding staff for not being absent is one new method of managing absenteeism. It is an example that Dame Sally Coates was said to preside over recently acording to a newspaper article. In her role as head teacher she thanked teachers who didn’t take days off sick with bottles of wine, chocolates and book tokens.

Teachers Were the Worst Truants at Toxic School


People tend to criticise this method as bribery. Some say that if you’re ill, you’re ill. Some say it is unfair because if you really are ill you wont even achieve the getting chocolates or other reward state.


My take on it is that we need to understand the context of the wine and chocolate giving. If Sally provided wine and chocolate as part of a considerate management style I think her novel methods are one of the ways forward.