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Wellbeing in the Workplace The Impact of Modern Management

This is a link to LSE site that allows your free download of this paper. It is an insightful paper from Alex Bryson et al assessing the impact of modern management practices on well-being in the workplace. A key finding of theirs was that the high involvement of management creates much higher job satisfaction, less tiredness and fewer accidents at work. But there is also a theme about how too much involvement doesn’t always work.

It seems from this work we can conclude that getting the correct balance of management involvement is central to great leadership of wellbeing in the workplace.

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Leaders on Mindfulness

Embeding Mindfulness at Work and Medium

Watch Jonathan Rosenfeld Strategy Chief at Medium talk about how he leads organisation change through encouraging mindfulness in the everyday working practices of the organisation.

He explains how mindfulness techniques help reduce anxiety and allow creative problem solving. He says they recruit staff who are aware that accountability and self-reflection is important. I love that he feels that feedback has to be given in paragraphs rather than adjectives and recommends that companies (especially tech) employ experts to work on the behavioural and cultural dynamics of the firm as well as the central product.

Here is a link to what Jonathan writes on his own blog post at Medium

View story at Medium.com

Happy reading.

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Mindful of Your Mindlessnes?

Darn I just wrote a blog post that then it disappeared. Spent 1 hour writing then pht it was gone after clicking publish. So this is a repeat. I originally complained that I hadn’t posted as much as I wanted to or as much as I did in January.

I questioned whether I was being mindless in not paying attention to my not writing. Then while writing I began to realise the benefits of mindlessness, if that is what I was doing. Indeed I talked of the benefits of being mindless and how we could use our mindless moments for learning and teaching ourselves about what the triggers for relapse in our behavioural change efforts were. It could also help us in noticing what the toxins are that make us revert to auto pilot reactions when under stress.

However If I really pay attention to how much I have meditated this year and this month I think I would judge my mindfulness efforts more kindly. Indeed I have paid full attention. My insight timer records show that I’ve so far conducted 6 hours 33 minutes of meditation this year.

And below are my results for Feb so far.

Date       Mins  Mindfulness Technique  
Feb 12 2014 35 Guided Meditation
Feb 08 2014 15 Guided Meditation  
Feb 07 2014 10 Guided Meditation  
Feb 06 2014 20 Guided Meditation  
Feb 05 2014 5 Guided Meditation  

How you can be mindful of your mindfulness

Well it wont be the first time you hear me say this but in order to notice that you are being mindless, you need to practice mindfulness. My caveat is that practising mindfulness doesn’t necessarily remove mindlessness from your life. Not at all. Instead what mindfulness practice does is help you recoil, retreat or withdraw more easily and perhaps more quickly from your mindlessness.

Business Management or Leadership

All of us could do with noticing our mindlessness as it could help provide better focus on our triggers. In this case it was clear to see occasions of overwork, self-sacrifice, too much screen time and not taking a break. These elements are typical of entrepreneurial behaviour. So as a result I might prescribe reflection on mindlessness in order to highlight where the triggers are and use mindfulness practice to help persons retreat from their mindless business behaviours.